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Welcome to the premier coin exchange service in the United States, U.S. Penny & Coin Counting /Exchange Service Corp. From coin counting,sorting and wrapping services, to foreign coin exchange, foreign currency exchange, fountain coin exchange, and   mutilated coin exchange, we are the trusted experts in our industry. Though we are  dedicated to foreign coins exchange and U.S. mutilated coin exchange,  we may also purchase some numissmatic coins, particularly gold and silver bullion coins . And Yes, we also BUY and SELL foreign  currencies (paper).

Bulk foreign coins from countries such as Cananda, England, Mexico, Germany and other major countries can be promptly exchanged for dollars. We buy and sell foreign coins and currencies from ALL COUNTRIES with whom the United States trades.

Damaged coins and mutilated or corroded coins from  shopping malls, zoos, water fountains and other vicinities can be instantly exchanged through our safe and proven method all throughout the U.S.  You can also visit us at one of our physical store locations. A pick-up service may also be available for larger volumes, available in the North Eastern United States and other parts of the U.S.

We also count sort and exchange regular U.S. coins for as low as 5.9% surcharge. That you can truly respect! Be sure to ask about our corporate rate for all shopping malls and you're sure to be pleased with what you find.

Now foreign coins, fountain coins, damaged coins, and regular coins can easily be exchanged using our safe and convenient service from anywhere in the United States and Canada .



Foreign Currency Bought and Sold
909 West Broad Street (Rt. 7) Falls Church, VA 22046
Phone: (703) 538-5525 Fax: (703) 538-3084

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